Go! Y Go! 2

[ Go! Y Go! 2 ]

Yes. I’ll try again.

This is the bread made by mom. How delicious it was. I want it right now.

At that day (maybe) I met my friend S. We spend all the afternoon as if we were students - talking, drinking lol, singing, shopping ( I didn’t buy anything though), etc. She gave me her umbrella because it was pouring. I brought it back to Tokyo with me. Thank you.

The only thing I can remember from this pic is the avocado was horrible.

The only thing I can remember from this pic is the bread made by mom was amazing.

Oh, I just remember. At the last day I was in Hokkaido, dad, mom, sis, I, and my grandma ate out. My grandma never eats out. But she came with us! It’s a miracle. It was a great great time.

The best gelato, I guess. I love it so much.

At Chitose airport. Mom drove me there. We had oyster kamameshi ♡ Thank you so much.

Oh I just remember. ( maybe )
At that day my flight in the morning was canceled because of 2 ? or 3 typhoons. I changed it to in the afternoon. The airport and plane were packed. That was horrible. The next seat to mine was taken by a big boy. I saw his body was sticking out of his seat, and I thought it was a horrible day. I bumped my suitcase and umbrella on him and said “I’m so sorry” like an old woman, and I thought again it was a horrible day… but. Guess who?! He was a great young pro-baseball player Mr. O! I didn’t notice that at first. But lots of people said to him “Konnichiwa! Mr. O! I love you! Mr. O! ” when they passed him.  ? ? ? And I realized that flight attendants were TOO kind to him. Then, I was certain he is Mr. O. (It's too late. lol ) I talked about it to my friend and she said “You missed out! You had to take a pic of him or shake hands with him or give him your address!”, and so did her husband. Also I talked about it to another friends and they said I missed out. Then I thought I missed out. lol But I enjoyed my flight so much after I was certain because his body was sticking out of his seat. huhu.

So, my memory about Hokkaido is “Mr.O” and that I missed out something. That’s it. haha.

The end.

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